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The scent of old bread

Cuti, district of Rogliano, the place of origin of the founders of the bakery, is a district of artisans, skilled construction masters, weavers, merchants, expert carpenters, great bakers, teachers, lawyers, intellectuals and patriots.

It is the link with the ancient traditions of the Cuti district and with the entire community of Rogliano that guides the creation of a food product that has become an identity with the passage of time.

Cuti’s Bread has its roots here, in its land, in the stories and faces of the people who for over 30 years, through an artisanal manufacturing and the choice of quality raw materials, have been able to challenge time, continuing an artisanal production that today is the flagship of the company.

The identity that characterizes this product is the skilful combination of knowledge, tradition and sustainability.

And this is how the mother yeast of Cuti, the authentic soul of all our products, together with the water of Sila, the type 0 and 1 stone-ground flours, melt, in the heat of chestnut wood, and give the bread a amber color and an intense aroma of caramelized honey, which are typical of Cuti’s Bread.

The choice of the oven, the cooking techniques, the mother yeast, everything is designed to give the bread a recognizable trace that ensures its integrity and genuineness.

To seal these values, an indelible mark is affixed, a stamp imprinted directly on the bread, to guarantee that behind this ambitious and extraordinary product there are the thirty-year-old workers and the conscious choices that every day guide us with ethics towards a production of absolute quality.

The ingredients of tradition

Selected for you by our master bakers


Traditional and stone-ground flours from selected Italian wheat. Produced for us by the best Italian companies.


It flows at almost 2000 m. s.l.m. crossing the white granites, it is enriched with minerals and trace elements that make it one of the best mineral waters in Italy.


Authentic soul of all our products, handed down for generations, it is cared for and renewed daily.


Built according to the traditional method and fueled with chestnut wood respecting the sustainability of our territory.

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